Your Options When Replacing A Defective Garage Door Opener

The original garage door opener motor installed in your home when it was built has finally worn out. The model is old enough that it is no longer available. Not only do you have access to a number of new and similar models, you could have one of the more powerful or quieter units installed this time. Here are your choices in garage door opener mechanisms. The Basic Layout Stays the Same

Breaking Down Window Energy Efficiency Ratings

When you're in the process of shopping around for new windows, you will most likely notice the yellow energy efficiency sticker attached to each one. This sticker may be very confusing to you if you are unfamiliar with the different rating factors on it. Here's what you should understand about the ratings to know which window is best. U-Factor The window's U-factor translates to how well the window prevents hot air from seeping outside of your house.