2 Types Of Bills Of Lading When Hiring Movers

When you use a moving company, you will typically receive a bill of lading, which is the legally binding contract between you and the company indicating that you have hired them for the move. The contract should also outline all the details of the move, including the moving and delivery dates, total charges and the names of any subcontractors.

This document is usually presented for you to sign after the move, so be sure to check whether there are any discrepancies on what you agreed on during negotiations before you sign. Here is a look at 2 types of bills of lading depending on the type of move you make so as to help you decide which could best suit you when choosing a mover.

Moves charged by hourly rate

If your mover charges an hourly rate for the move, your bill of lading should clearly indicate a start and end time. Usually, the contract will include the time from when the mover left their company offices to when they finished packing your belongings at your old home and a separate time showing how long it took to deliver and to unload all the items at your new home.

Be sure to check each time to ensure it is reasonable before signing off on the contract. If you can, be present as they pack and unload so you can keep your own time estimate and match it with what is written on the bill of lading. It is also essential to inquire what the hourly charge is before agreeing to hire a certain mover so you don't go over-budget. This type of move could be more appropriate if you don't have too much stuff to move so as to keep costs down. 

Move based on weight

Some movers prefer to charge a move based on weight instead of on an hourly rate. Typically, the bill of lading on such a move should have the weight of the shipment, which is then used to calculate the total price of the move.

Ensure that your mover gives you a ticket showing the weight of the moving truck when empty and then supervises the weighing when all your belongings are delivered at the final destination. Your bill will be the difference between the empty truck and the loaded truck. This can be a good way to pay for a long-distance move or in cases where you need to move a lot of stuff. If you're looking for a moving service, visit Diversified Installation Service Inc​.